Consulting Services

Railroad Industry Consulting

Southern Parts & Equipment has a broad base of experience working with the largest transport groups and public-sector organizations in the rail industry completing projects using global best practices and insights. We have the unrivaled capability to advise and bring significant benefits to our clients.

  • Rule 88 modification
  • Rebuild
  • Extended service status inspection
  • Consulting complete with a car design engineer for drawings and stress analysis.
  • New railcar inspections

Rail Car Consulting Projects include:

Projects for Amtrak

  • 27-Car Rail Train for Amtrak, consisting of 24-roller new frame cars, 2-new tunnel cars with hydraulic rail stoppers and 1-new tie down car. The train is equipped with a 24 volt DC electrical lighting system. Southern Parts & Equipment delivered this rail train to Amtrak on time and on budget.
  • 6-Car Slot train for Amtrak, delivered on time and on budget.
  • 1-Long distance casting conveyor car for Amtrak, delivered on time and on budget.

Project for Northshore Railroad

  • 8-Ballast cars for the Northshore Railroad converted from aggregate cars and equipped with pneumatic doors capable of delivering ballast inside and outside of the rails.

Project for Redstone National Arsenal

  • 3-Car impact testing train for the Redstone National Arsenal, delivered on time and on budget.

Other Projects

89' Flat Car - Fracking sand containers 10-89' Flat Cars for fracking sand. Provided design and stress analysis engineering for 89' flat cars modified and up-graded to AAR Rule 88 increased gross rail loading. Southern Parts & Equipment supplied trucks, wheel-sets, EOCC units, couplers and brake equipment for this project.

Red River Ballast Car Conversion 80-Ballast car conversions. Provided customers with cars, project management, engineering and parts to convert aggregate hopper cars to pneumatic operated ballast cars capable of delivering ballast inside and outside of the rails.

Great Lakes 60' Log Car Conversion 60-long log car conversions. Provided customer with cars, project management, engineering, and parts to convert bulkhead flat cars to “Great Lakes” length long log cars.